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White Lantern Film is a feature film production company based on the South coast of England. We love film and are passionate about motion pictures. We have released the award winning environmental documentary DRYING FOR FREEDOM and psychological thriller EMULSION. Follow us on Facebook to find out about forthcoming releases.

We are also part of the BFI Film Academy, inspiring talented young film makers and supporting the local film industry in our home town Bournemouth through B-Reel, a regular film networking and screening event. For more info check out www.getinsidemovies.co.uk.

We share a wealth of expertise through our strategically aligned group of businesses with interests ranging from film production, post-production facilities, commercials, television, digital design and training, for more info on our movies and company sign up to our newsletter here.


Three Miles to Nottingham

Director: Rob Brown
Producer: Adam J Merrifield
Writers: Ross McMilliand
Cast: tbc

3 MILES TO NOTTINGHAM is an honest, humorous trip through the minefield of being twenty-something; though the humour of this film will be self deprecating, offbeat humour rather than laugh out loud, slapstick comedy. The film will combine aspects of American Independent cinema (Garden State, Greenberg, Before Sunrise) with a thoroughly realistic British setting.

Language: English
Genre: Drama
Status: Development


Director: Suki Singh
Executive Producer: Daniel J Mellow, Mem Ferda, Suki Singh
Producer: Adam J Merrifield
Writers: Suki Singh
Cast: Sam Heughan, Claudia Bassols, Lex Shrapnel, Olivia Thomas, David Ajala, Mem Ferda

EMULSION is a Psychological Thriller about a man looking for his missing wife. When ISABELLA mysteriously disappears from a car park her husband, RONNY, becomes obsessed with finding her. In an attempt to stay close to her he even takes a job at the car park. It becomes his life. One night a prostitute is attacked in the car park and bundled into the boot of a car. Ronny chases the assailant deep into a forest where he eventually locates the car empty, apart from a reel of film. As Ronny avidly views the film he discovers the truth about his wife's disappearance that changes his life forever.

Language: English
Genre: Thriller
Status: Complete
Official Site: www.emulsionthemovie.com

Drying For Freedom

Director: Steven Lake
Executive Producer: Adam J Merrifield, Steven Lake
Producer: Adam J Merrifield
Writers: Steven Lake, Adam J Merrifield

The film follows laundry activists who are campaigning to keep this century-old tradition alive by shining a light on the bizarre practice of clothesline bans! Their shocking discovery that entire communities cannot dry clothes outside has started a new global revolution fighting for our right to dry. Discover how corporate America has sold us an electric dream since the 1950s, dramatically increasing the use of dirty coal generating electricity across the globe with developing nations starting their own love affair with the electric dream. Embark on a journey with filmmaker Steven Lake to find out the truth behind drying clothes electrically and how this simple task increases global warming and cost billions a year!

Language: English, Punjabi
Genre: Documentary
Status: Complete
Sales Enquiries: Indigo +44 (0)207 424 1980
Official Site: www.dryingforfreedom.com


Director: Dan Pringle
Producer: Adam J Merrifield

Sweeney Todd inspired thriller set in a British Kebab Shop plagued by binge drinking culture. After the authorities fail to bring to justice the drunken customers responsible for the death of his father, Kebab Shop Owner Salar begins the dark and lonely descent into the world of vigilantism. After a fight with a disrespecting customer goes wrong, Salar finds himself needing to dispose of a dead body and turns to the one place he knows best…the kebabs. Witnessing his unsuspecting customers wolfing down the new recipe, Salar quickly realises his opportunity to further escalate the fight against the drunks and launches into a killing spree against those he deems punishable.

Language: English
Genre: Thriller
Status: Production
Official Site: www.kshopmovie.com

Silent Things

Director: Rob Brown
Executive Producer: Sarah-Jane Meredith
Producer: Adam J Merrifield
Writers: Rob Brown, Edward Jackson
Cast: Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Georgia Groome, Andrew Scott

The friendship between an autistic man and woman becomes threatened when an impulsive teenage girl comes between them. Silent Things is a short film about a man and woman who undergo an extraordinary test of character and friendship. Starring Georgia Groome (London to Brighton / Angus, thongs & perfect snogging), Antonia Campbell-Hughes (Bright Star) and Andrew Scott (2005 Olivier Award Winner, Band of Brothers).

Language: English
Genre: Short Drama
Awards and Nominations: Raindance Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Shorts Cutz London, Bradford International Film Festival
Official Site: www.whitelantern.co.uk/silentthings

Final Word

Director: Andy Marsh
Executive Producer: Adam J Merrifield, Dan Pringle, Andy Marsh
Producer: Dan Pringle
Writers: Andy Marsh
Cast: Raphael Pugh, Chris MacDonald

'In war, truth is the first casualty' – Aeschylus.

A soldier awakens on a deserted beach to encounter his enemy for the last time. The film is a part of the My One Word Competition..

Language: English
Genre: Short Drama
Status: Complete
Official Site: www.myoneword.co.uk


Director: Martin Stirling
Executive Producer: Adam J Merrifield
Producer: Adam J Merrifield
Writers: Martin Stirling, Mikel Iriarte
Cast: Olivia Chenery, Caroline Haines, Jo Hartley, Daniel Kirrane, Janet Montgomery

Sam, a chubby boy with low self-esteem is forced to confront the greatest challenge of his life - using the grimy school toilets. Overcoming his fear, he lands in a more compromising situation after getting locked in the toilet with the cleaner - an attractive older woman. Feeling awkward and embarrassment, Sam accidentally gets trapped into a steamy conversation with her, oblivious that she is actually on her mobile phone talking to her boyfriend. Confused and uncomfortable, he bolts out of the cubicle only to realize, to further embarrassment, his mistake.

Language: English
Genre: Short Comedy
Awards and Nominations: Super Shorts International
Official Site: www.flushedmovie.co.uk


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